Grand Theft Auto 5 Review GamePlay PS4 And Xbox 2016

GTA 5 Review

GTA 5: Grand Theft Auto 5 can be termed as a scintillating, nihilistic and graphically astonishing video game

GTA 5: A Brief Introduction

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a preposterously enjoyable video game that comes in different versions for Play Station and Xbox. GTA 5 Review can be termed as a next generation upgrade of the game that includes more mission, inspiring visuals, revelatory first person view and advanced gaming technology. GTA 5 is technically accomplished in each and every conceivable aspect that makes it one of the biggest video game in terms of size and scope in the world of animated video games.

GTA 5: Details

Format: Play Station 3 and XBOX 360

Developed By: Rockstar North

Published By: Rockstar Games

Age Limit: PEGI 18

Release Date: September 17, 2013

GTA 5: The Gaming Experience

Grand Theft Auto 5 provides you with 30 hours of heavy action drama consisting of adventurous and action packed missions. The game contains three satirical protagonists that have a limitless passion and potential for driving, boating, biking and flying around the city to accomplish the missions. With GTA 5 Review everything looks amazingly good with 1080 pixel resolution with enhanced textures, detailed lightening effects and minute detailing in general.

The Play Station version of the game has slight graphical edge over the Xbox version however both the versions maintain 30 frames per second to give best experience to the user. There is only occasional and minor slowdown when the protagonists are busy in heavy interactions.

GTA 5 Review

GTA 5 Review

GTA 5 Review for PS4 Xbox full gameplay

GTA 5: The Optional First Person Mode

The new and the most exciting feature is the optional first person mode that gives you a whole new experience in exploring the game. The maker and publisher have made sure that the player can enjoy the experience of looking everything with their own eyes. There are a number of control configurations that let you to customize the game according to your own liking and also automatically switch the mode of the game from first person to third person when player takes cover. The first person mode makes driving and flying more though however it is also more fun. There is the introduction of new first person mode animation such as climbing ladders, getting out of the car that you have stolen or flipping the bird. The new version has mission events also in the form of animation.

GTA 5: The Multi Player Mode

The new generation console of the game also contains online multiplayer mode of GTA. This mode is absolutely amazing for multiplayer antics where you and your friends can enjoy co-operations, mutual jobs, races, death matches, missions and combat battles with more zest and zeal. The advertised increased limit of the multi players in the game are about 30.

GTA 5: The Final Verdict

The world of GTA 5 for Play Station and Xbox is a world of excitement, adventure and action that takes you a sizzling journey of completing missions and provides you with the best experience of video gaming. The game is a fabulous piece of entertainment by Rockstar and its bold and scintillating feel proves to be an explosion in the world of next generation video games.

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