Photomatix Pro 5 Review

Photomatix Pro 5 Review

Photomatix Pro: A Standalone Program for creating perfect HDR Images

Photomatix Pro: A Brief Introduction

Photomatix Pro is a standalone application that is created to create and design HDR images by using several photos or images that were taken at different exposures and combining them in order to create a single HDR image. Photomatix Pro is a professional photo editing software that is used for fusing and tone mapping the different exposures of images to create a single high dynamic range photo. You can process different photos with different Photomatix settings to create different outputs such as from more strained exposure fusion of the images to extreme tone-mapping of the photos.

Photomatix Pro enables you to experiment with HDR processing of the images to overcome a number of limitations of your photos as when these photos are processed in Photomatix Pro you can merge the different exposures of the image in a single scene with significantly higher dynamic range and retains the best exposed pixels from the each captured underlying exposure of the image. Photomatix Pro can work as a standalone application or it can also act as a plug-in to the Lightroom. The workflow is almost similar in both the cases as there are new tone mapping algorithms in Photomatix Pro along with advanced batch processing that make this tool more powerful as well as easier to use. You can now enjoy more control over Photomatix Pro with improved automatic de-ghosting feature. You can also process a single RAW image with Photomatix Pro instead of processing batch of images and Photomatix Pro can apply exposure fusion algorithms to a single image to improve and recover the highlights details. In addition to highlighting and exposing Photomatix Pro also reduces noise and chromatic aberrations from the images to make them more precise and clear.

Pros and Cons of Photomatix Pro 5

Pros Cons
·  Photomatix Pro is very easy to use software and produces best HDR images

· Photomatix Pro also offers a wide range of presets

· Photomatix Pro is ideal for use for both the professional users and novices

· Photomatix Pro is used to enhance both the single images or a batch of bracketed images

· Photmatix Pro has a new contrast optimizer that uses a new tone mapping method to get a more realistic look

· There is an option of pre-merge enhancement options in Photomatix Pro

· Photomatix Pro supports 9 HDR merging algorithms


· There is no option of restarting the workflow without reloading the files  and images in Photomatix Pro

· You cannot export enhanced and processed images directly to Social Media Sites  from Photomatix Pro

·  Pro version of Photomatix is a bit expensive as it is double the price of Essential version of the software

·  Photmatix Pro has weak sharpening and de-noise tool and needs to get better

· The Loupe Feature is not accurate and it is not at all worthy when you are using it to inspect the details of the processing

· Auto Ghosting of the images is only 50 percent valid and you have to mask images manually to get the best effects



Photomatix Pro: New and Enhanced Technical Features

Photomatix Pro 5 Review

There are a number of added and enhanced features in Photomatix Pro such as it has an ability to merge bracketed photos to HDR images applying the tone-mapping features along with enhancing the image with Detailed Enhancer. There are number of Fusion options such as Fusion Natural and Fusion Real Estate. There are options of providing a number of finishing touches such as sharpening, contrasts and saturation of the images. There are options of fusion of a single RAW image or a batch of images along with option of undoing the Tone Mapping and Fusion effects. There are a number of automatic processing features in Photomatix Pro such as automatic alignment of hand held photos, automatic ghost removal from images, automatic de-ghosting with adjustable options and selective de-ghosting options.

There is a wide range of presets offered by Photomatix Pro along with option of creating thumbnails for built-in as well as custom presets. There is also a display option for the preset thumbnails along with the option of saving and loading the user presets. Photomatix Pro also offers services of automatic reduction of chromatic aberrations and noise reduction.  Photomatix Pro supports unlimited number of photos per bracketed set and offers you the ability to read and write in 32 bit HDR image format. You can also integrate Photomatix Pro with Lightroom with the help of a free export plug-in.

The Final Verdict

Photomatix Pro 5 Review

Photomatix Pro is an ideal HDR image creating software that has pushed itself on the top of the list of image processing software with its enhanced features and easy to use workflow. Pro version offers an excellent merge function along with professionally enhanced tone-mapping and image processing features. The program provides with the same smooth work experience whether you are working on the batch of images or working on a single RAW image. There are the enhanced contrast optimizer, new fusion method for real estate, automatic de-ghosting options and option of refreshing preview continuously as you move the slider. Of course there are things that need to get better such as algorithms are not fastest and you need to wait for some seconds while the change takes it effect and the loupe also don’t show the real preview until or unless you process the image. Sometimes the algorithms make a lot of noise that makes the photo a little softer than usual. In the end there are very little negativity in Photomatix Pro and a lot of enhanced features so you must give it a go for a better image refining experience.

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