Microsoft Office 2016 with KMSpico Activator 10.2.1 Free Download

Microsoft Office 2016 Full Version Free Download

Microsoft Office 2016 with Office & Windows Activator : KMSpico 10.2.1 Free Download Full Version 2017

Microsoft Office 2016 Full Version Review

The release of new version of one of the widely used and leading application suite as the name of Microsoft Office 2016 Activator Free Download has just nailed in terms of fulfilling the expectations and prospects of potential users. The latest version of this amazing application suite has bundle of new features with a more productive sleek interface that makes it easier to dress up and decorate your documents, spreadsheets, presentations and related stuff. Microsoft Office 2016 Activator Free Download comes with built in security to provide protection as well as privacy to your valuable data. Microsoft Office 2016 comes in eight different editions and all these editions are designed to counter specific needs for different groups of consumers. This upgrade of Microsoft Office 2016 is equally beneficial for all the groups of users such as experts, beginners, professionals, corporate users all of them will get major benefits from the recent upgrade of office suite. The Ribbon interface is literally amazing and gives a smooth navigation experience to the user where each and every item is arranged categorically and blissfully easy to find out and use. In addition to introducing a new interface Microsoft has also introduced a new file format with this new release of office 2016. The feel, look and productivity of Microsoft Office 2016 is so unlike its earlier versions and predecessors that this release is going to spark an instant love hate reaction of the loyal users of Office Suite that are using Office from last 10 to 15 years.

Microsoft Office 2016 Activator Free Download

There is a major uplift in the look and feel of office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook. Microsoft Office 2016 is designed in the way that it rationalizes the entire system of toolbars, menus and task bars as well. Now the entire working process of office is faster and more secure and let you create more polished documents with this application. Microsoft Office 2016 pro plus iso and activator The features and tools provide compelling and real productivity enhancements not only for the expert users but also for the beginners and novices. There is an advanced and more powerful graphical engine that helps in updating the PowerPoint Slides as well as adding more functionality to the Excel Graphs as well. The different versions of Microsoft Office 2016 increases the flexibility of working environment with Microsoft but it also complicates the decision making process of the user in deciding which of the version and edition of the Office will suite them the best.

Those who are not impressed by the new update of Microsoft Office 2016 are also affected by upgrade as a new conversation tool is needed to let the older versions of Office 2016 default documents and opening XML files. Microsoft Office 2016 activator for windows 10 offers complex productive and beneficial features however it lacks in some key components the most prominent of them is the collaboration among the various office applications. The level of integration is not as good and advanced as hoped by the users. There is no other way of collaboration expect buying the Microsoft Groove Online Collaboration Tool.

Microsoft Office 2016 Full Version Download : Pros and Cons

Microsoft Office 2016 pro plus iso and activator

Pros Microsoft Office Professional 2016 activator

  • Microsoft Office 2016 comes with user friendly and smooth Ribbon Interface
  • There is better productivity and better outcomes with new tools and features of Microsoft Office 2016
  • The application suite offers better scheduling and improved output in terms of speed
  • There are a number of unique features such as Instant Document Designing
  • The interface of Microsoft Office 2016 gives beginners the same power of document building and editing as practiced by the experts
  • Security is more enhanced and improved in Microsoft Office 2016
  • The level of collaboration is smoother as compared to previous version of office

Cons Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus Activator

  • Microsoft Office 2016 doesn’t give a new overhaul to all of its applications
  • There are no options of customizing the new interface until now
  • There is a document sharing problem with the users that are using the previous version of Microsoft Office
  • All the new features are not that effective and useful and some of the new features are not even essential
  • Many familiar and useful button present in the previous versions are removed or moved to some other place
  • The bright colors of Microsoft Office 2016 are not suitable for everyone’s taste
  • The process of adoption of XML documents is a bit slow in Microsoft Office 2016

Setup and Installation

The installation of program is quick and easy and it took about 20 minutes to install Microsoft Office 2016 on Windows 7 operating system. You are allowed to install a single license of Microsoft Office 2016 Product key generator on two computers and you have to download the updates on your system whenever Microsoft feels they are required. The size of Office 2016 is a bit smaller than its predecessors and it’s about 3 GB in size. The office installer doesn’t ask you for the newer and most advanced hardware. It works smoothly with Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and other versions of the operating systems. The minimum system requirements include 500 MHz processor with at least 256 MB of RAM with Windows XP, Windows Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2.

The customization of the installing process is not that easy as it is expected. The process don’t allow you to hand pick the items to be install in a smooth and error free mode. It doesn’t explain the features you miss if you are not selecting a particular tool for installation while installing Microsoft Office 2016.  However one thing is for sure that Microsoft Office 2016 provides you with least intrusive installation and allows you to select your own privacy features.

Microsoft Office 2016: Interface

Microsoft Office 2016: Interface

Microsoft Office 2016 offers a radically different interface that is absolutely different from the past. All the features are arranged in the form of a Tabbed Ribbon interface. The entire gray drop down menus and dialog boxes are replaced with more professional and livelier alternatives. Microsoft Office 2016 free download full version with product key The logo of the office is docked at the left hand side of screen and contains a number of features such as options of File and Edit options. There is no logo in Outlook and the ribbon interface is incorporated only in the messaging compositions and scheduling the windows. The interface also supports a core collection of always on tabs along with the set of contextual tabs that remain hidden and are presented by the Microsoft when you really need them. For example the Picture Tool Format Tab only appears on the surface as soon as you click on an image.

There are new options and features to decorate your documents in more elaborative way as there are style galleries that let you select new and unique fonts, color themes, templates, charts, images, graphics and much more. However not all the formatting options offer dynamic preview for example in the Page Layout Tab applying page borders is same old school pop up box without dynamic previews.

It is easier to use and master Microsoft Office 2016 as compared to the previous versions as all the icons are intelligently labels most of the commands they are performing and most of them expand to open drop down menu. Microsoft Office 2016 crack free download full version However there are certain inconsistencies as well when new icons open the previous and old dialog boxes. The Ribbon interface makes traditional and conditional formatting in Excel much easier that is also very prominent in other sophisticated tools. There is also a View Tab in Word and Excel that provides a better option for viewing two or more Word or Excel documents at the same time.

There are number of other options of customization in Word, Excel and PowerPoint where you can add your desired button in a Quick Access Toolbar. All the keyboards shortcuts in Microsoft Office 2016 remains the same and you can also hide the Ribbon interface by double clicking on any tab of ribbon interface. Microsoft Office 2016 Crack Free Download 64 Bit has banished Clippy the annoying assistant that used to interrupt your work in Microsoft 2003. There are also built in indexing and RSS feeds features in Microsoft Outlook. There is an option for corporate users to access server based slide libraries and create a collaborative work space for improved document security and document comparison.

The new interface is appealing but it does not force you to rethink the logic and procedure of your work because the basic working and outcomes of all the Microsoft applications is the same. The programs Word, Excel and PowerPoint are the one that undergo a complete makeover and Outlook gets the new interface update only in the content creation screen of the program.

KMSpico Activator latest version 2017 can act as :

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  • Microsoft Office 2016 product key free windows 8
  • Microsoft Office 2016 product key free windows 7

Microsoft Office 2016 Word

Microsoft Office 2016 Latest Crack 2017

The new overhauled Word 2016 creates more sophisticated word processing and basic desktop publishing applications. Word 2016 can also be used as WYSIWYG HTML Editor and also assists in publishing websites. The new and advanced Ribbon interface has made it easy to access the options as well as features in the new version of Word. There are options of adding pre formatted content to your documents by using Quick Style and Galleries Live Preview. Word 2016 offers new charting and diagramming making options along with providing you with better document sharing options and comparison among the documents. Microsoft Office 2016 Crack Free Download 64 Bit There is a Document Inspector feature that helps in finding hidden data and personal information from the documents. You can also add multiple digital signatures to the documents with the help of Word 2016. There is easy option to convert documents to PDF and XML, instant detection and application of macros and application of new XML file format for reduce the document size and improve the recovery of damage and corrupted word files. There are handy and little innovations in the Word such as continuous word count, word count of the highlighted text, contextual spelling check and autocorrect of the verb confusion are really useful features.

The chart and graph applet of Word is also revamped with the help of SmartArt option and now it is more joyful playing with the images, charts and diagrams. Word let you add more Visio like and professional looking images, charts and shapes rather than the basic shapes available in the previous versions.

Microsoft Office 2016 PowerPoint

Microsoft Office 2016 Latest Crack 2017

PowerPoint allows you create more sophisticated and professional slide shows not only for personal or educational use but also for business and corporate clients. There are a lot of new features in PowerPoint cut and paste option from Excel, improved proofing tools, presenter view of the slides, new text formatting options with addition of more enhanced charts and graphics in your presentations.

The process of inserting a certain element or object on your slide is much more professional as compared to office 2003. You have to simply click on the insert tab on the ribbon interface and then you have to click on the shapes in the illustration pane and all the available designs are listed on a large pane grouped by the category of the designs. Click on the desired shape you want to insert and it will be appear on your side to get inserted in the presentation. Microsoft Office 2016 Crack Free Download 32 Bit There is also a Live Preview option in PowerPoint as well that let you preview slide designs, fonts, colors, transitions and effects you can add to your slides. There is a better control over shapes and drawings with the help of rewritten Smart Art and Word Art options. All the list charts and organizational charts are now improved and well structured.

Microsoft Office 2016 Excel

Working Activator for Microsoft Office 2016

The new enhanced Excel allows you to create spread sheets and work books better than ever. There is an added support for the large number of rows and columns in Excel along with introducing new Ribbon interface in the Excel as well. You can now add 1 million rows and about 16,000 columns in a single work sheet. There are options of conditional formatting, easier writing of the formulae, improved sorting and filtering processes in the tables, new and enhanced charting tools and ability to share charts and graphs with Word and PowerPoint.

The formula tab is also located on the Ribbon interface and its shows all the functions under the sub headings of the formulae such as Financial, Logical, Mathematics and Trigonometry functions. Microsoft Office 2016 professional plus free download The Excel Math’s Engine that works in the collaboration with fast processors to perform all mathematical tasks and functions with double speed and improved accuracy.

As far as the presentation is concerned you can add customized colors at the background of the individual excel cells. You can also use the default color scheme of red, green and yellow to indicate the most active and hottest figures. You can also mark the cells with certain icons at the left hand side of the cells to add tags or other important labels.

Microsoft Office 2016 Access

The process of creating and accessing the database is now improved and more productive. The new features include tabbed objects, navigation pane in order to replace the traditional database window, report layout view of the tables, embedded and enhanced macros, option to display the column summaries, new design tools and templates to design the database, splitting options of the forms and tables for faster browsing of the data.

Access 2016 Crack also offers multi valued fields for entering complex format and value of data. The field list pane is also much improved and enhance as well as there is strong integration of Access with Share Point as well. Access also provides improved security to the databases and you can get the data exported from Info Path forms and Outlook forms.

Microsoft Office 2016 Outlook

Working Crack for Microsoft Office 2016

There are number of new and advanced features in Outlook such as email management, options of calendaring, managing contacts and other sort of scheduled tasks. There are added features in the application such as To-Do Bar, instant search of the emails, color categories assignment to various emails in terms of priority and many more. There is a redesigned interface with the help of interactive ribbon interface. The navigation pane is minimized and there is an option of previewing the attachment as well. The process of scheduling is also much improved through the option of Exchange as well as a better access to the Share Point Services. Microsoft Office 2016 professional Plus Activator There are enhanced features of RSS feeds, Calendar Snapshot options, subscription options and overlay options as well. You can also create and send electronic business cards, export data in the form of PDF or XPS. There is a very well integrated support between Outlook and Info Path such as unified messaging support. In addition to above mentioned features there are option of email postmark that is a new technology to reduce the spam attempts to litter your inbox and improved security management for email delivery and reception by additional computation provided by Outlook to the users.

Most of the changes in Outlook are subtle and you can have multiple numbers of projects and you can assign color categories to the emails according to your own desire. You can also review attachments from the reading pane so you don’t have to wait these attachments to get opened in an associate program.

Microsoft Office 2016: Publisher

Publisher is now better than ever and let creating newsletters, brochures, and other sort of desktop publications. The interface of MS Publisher 2016 Full Version is new and improved so that it is more easy and fast to open publications, there are more templates, marketing and socializing tips, and improved integration with the other programs of Microsoft Office. There is improved and solid print preview as well more enhanced merging or mail and email.

Microsoft Office 2016: Info Path

Info Path is a simple application for collecting and managing data and creating electronic forms in order to collect data for surveys and other sort of opinion making. Microsoft Office 2016 professional plus crack The data collected by Info Path can be used in conjunction with Share Point, and it can be used for better data integration with Outlook for collection data from email forms, browser compatible templates and designing surveys that can run on the mobile devices as well. There is improved wizard that converts Word and Excel files into Info Path form format.

Microsoft Office 2016: One Note

One Note is ideal note taking application with the help of which you can organize your text, pictures, drawings, images, hand written notes and much more. It also helps in managing your audio and video notes as well as diagrams made by hand. It has an in binder like interface where you can list almost everything including the list of specific URLs and links to e books and online documents. Microsoft Office 2016 Activator Kmspico You can also access One Note from some other computer and it also provides you with multiple notebook support. One Note 2016 has an automatic ability to synchronize data added by multiple authors and manage data according to the date and time of the entry. There are new drawing tools, new tools for navigation, managing hypertext, text recognition with image option and ability to send Web content directly from the One Note to the Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Office 2016: Groove

It is an online collaboration and integration tool for creating a team work and interactive working environment. The work and operations on various office applications can be collaborated with the help of Microsoft Groove and it makes a connected network environment either the users are online or offline. MS Office Latest Version Crack This application let the user to share files, manage collaborative projects, and have online discussions, exchange and track data according to their own preferences and requirements.

Bottom Line

Microsoft Office 2016 is broad and deep with tons of productive features and enhancements that are yet to be explored by a number of users. There is an amazing new array of functionality along with keeping the familiar working logic of most of the applications. Thanks to the new and competent interface all the functional features are easy to browse, select and click to add more elaboration and details to your creations created by Microsoft Office 2016.

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