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USB Block 1.6.2 is a powerful system utility that helps in keeping your system protected and secure by avoiding data leakage from the PC through unauthorized access. USB Block 1.6.2 will secure the data by allowing only authorized serial key USB, Flash Drives, CDs, DVDs and other portable device to access your data on computer. It also prevents copying of the data on USB drives and other external drives. NEWSOFTWARES USB BLOCK 1.6.2 CRACKED FULL VERSION let you to share your computer with anyone without the fear of theft or leakage of your serial key data because USB BLOCK 1.6.2 SERIAL KEY will allow authorized USB to access your system. You can also create a list of devices that you authorize with the password to give access to selected devices on

Pros and Cons of USB Block 1.6.2

Pros Cons
·         USB Block 1.6.2 provides you with multiple features to block access to your computer

·         USB Block 1.6.2 provides you with no theft of data from your USB and no virus access to your system

·         The serial key software has an interactive and easy to use interface

·         System requirements for running USB Block 1.6.2 are very low

·         You can also run USB Block 1.6.2 in stealth mode

·         USB Block 1.6.2 cab be breeched by some unlocking serial key software that is its biggest advantages

·         Existing code is needed to update to prevent leakage of data

·         There is a trail limitation of the USB Block 1.6.2 as well

·         Navigation screen is poor and needed to get better

·         There is a serial key trial limitation of 25 users



USB Block 1.6.2 Serial Key is a perfect solution to prevent your serial key confidential data so that it can be secured from leakage or theft. This USB Block 1.6.2 prevents the plugging of any unauthorized USB to your system so that no one can copy or move data from your machine.

USB Block 1.6.2: Benefits

There are a number of benefits of USB Block 1.6.2 that can be listed as under: –

Data Leak Prevention

The USB Block 1.6.2 Serial Key prevents the leakage of data from your serial key computer

Copy Protection

The advance security feature of the USB Block 1.6.2 prevents the copying and serial key duplication of data from your computer to some unauthorized device or USB

Block Memory Cards and iPods

The program blocks SD Cards, MMCs, Memory Sticks, Digital Cameras, Memory Cell Phones, Black Berry, iPhone and mobile phones.

USB Block 1.6.2 Serial Key Registration Crack

USB Block software free download full version


The USB Block 1.6.2 Serial Key also blocks disks that uses disc hub such as serial key CD, DVD, Blu Ray, Floppy A, B as well as Zip Drives.

Stealth Mode Support

This is the most advanced and useful feature in USB Block 1.6.2 where you can allow USB Block 1.6.2 in shield mode and prevent security breeching without any one know the running of serial key USB Block 1.6.2.

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Safe Mode Protection

You don’t have to worry about security when your serial key PC is running in the safe mode because the program provides protection in safe mode as well.

Hot Key Support

There is a Hot Key Launch Support of the program where you can launch the program via hot key such as Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Your Key.

Block Non-System Drives

The USB BLOCK 2.0 FULL VERSION + CRACK IS HERE also blocks non-system drives such as v IDE, SATA, ATA, FATA, Parallel devices and many others.

USB Block 1.6.2: Performance Features

After the download and installation of the program the serial key program asks you to enter an input password for blocking the access of USBs. You need to remember this password for USB Block 1.6.2 Serial Key as you have to use it repeatedly. Every time a portable device will connect to your PC this software will prompt a message screen asking you whether you want to block or allow the serial key device. USB Block 1.6.2 also remembers the devices connected to the computer in past and their access status as well.

USB Block 1.6.2: The User Interface

The interface of the USB Block 1.6.2 is interactive and easy to use all those who have no experience with these types of serial key software in past. There is a tabbed display of the main window so that you can view a detailed summary of the controls as well.


USB Block 1.6.2 is a handy and easy to use piece of USB Block 1.6.2 that helps you in blocking unwanted USB drives, CDs, DVDs, network access and other external drives as well.

How To Crack / Register USB Block ?

Install Usb Block And Run Once >> Close Afterwards.
Now Copy Cracked >> Usb block.exe >> File From Crack Folder.
And Paste Here :
For 32 Bit : C:\Program Files\USB Block
For 64 Bit : C:\Program Files (x86)\USB Block
Now Run And Enjoy Full Registered Version Usb Block v1.6.1

USB Block software free download with crack

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