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Windows XP is still the third most popular Windows based operating produced and published by Microsoft although the company has ceased update and security support for WINDOWS XP still it is being used by millions of users across the globe. According to an estimate by an independent Key firm WINDOWS XP holds 10.9 percent of share of the desktop OS market around the world. Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 Product Key is one of the most popular operating system of its time because it comes with a number of new features. It was a major upgrade from a poorly performing operating system that was Windows ME. One of the most prominent Key features of WINDOWS XP Key that helps it achieving a legendary status was that it was a unifying Windows. Windows XP is the first version of Windows operating system to use NT Kernel and was not based on MS-DOS. It is excellent operating system that can be used by business enterprise as well as home users. Due to NT Kernel WINDOWS XP has number of competitive features such as multi-threading support, moving from 32 bit to 64-bit Key processor and all these Key features made WINDOWS XP a really strong operating system.

There is also a revival of existing tools in Windows XP such as Windows explorer got a makeover with a number of new tabs and Key panes. Windows XP has also an option of rotating the image and option of showing you Meta data for a file. The search feature of Desktop becomes very useful and let you search and locate files very easily. HOW TO CHANGE THE WINDOWS XP PRODUCT ACTIVATION KEY CODE also included a search assistant as well as creating the Key backup of files feature in it. There was option of business user to use very first version of remote desktop and all the remote connections that are used for Remote Assistance of the software. WINDOWS XP was the first Windows that supports the use of multiple Key languages.

The interface of Windows XP was also bliss and a breeze of fresh air along with most distinctive features of a user-friendly Key interface. There is a new and customized welcoming window screen in WINDOWS XP Key with your name on it. The start menu from Windows 95 has also undergone a new and fresh makeover with a professional looking new Start button; all the tabs are sorted in the form of groups. There is a quick launch bar in Windows XP as well where you can pin the Key programs that you want to launch real fast.




  • The operating system of WINDOWS XP Key comes with a more streamlined interface providing a better performance and productivity on various Key systems
  • The networking features in Windows XP are easier and more comprehensive along with providing more compatibility
  • There are integrated CD R and R/W playing back and burring Key features comes with Windows XP
  • Remote Assistance is of professional version that provides full control of remote PCs


  • You can install Windows XP on only one PC at one time
  • Windows XP nags you to sign up for Windows Key Passport Web Account
  • Home Edition has multiple login screens that are usually redundant in performance



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Bottom Line

WINDOWS XP Key is worth update in terms of a new operating system although it comes with some annoying features. The Key operating system is equally beneficial for Home as well as enterprise users with its productive tools.

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