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MorphVox Voice Changer is a voice changing and morphing software that can transform your voice completely for the internet as well as for gaming consoles. The MorphVOX Pro aimed to give you a new and high level key experience in voice changing process by providing you with completely new voice learning technology, high quality of transformed sound and also comes with background cancellation. MORPHVOX PRO KEY can now easily change the voice for different key role plays while playing online games and can add loads of fun to online gaming experience. The algorithms used by the MorphVOX Pro are super new in terms of techniques and technology so that the voice is changed in the form of cleanest sound possible.

MorphVOX Pro can also create different voices with different frequency and pitches with this amazing software.  With the help of MorphVox Voice Changer you can download more voice and sound packs key online from the official website of Download MorphVOX Pro 4.4.51 Crack Incl Product Key. You can also tweak the downloaded voices according to your own requirements to create multiple combinations of voices. MORPHVOX PRO KEY can also add background sound while you are talking on internet. With the help of this key software you can also fool anyone by making sound such as you are stuck in traffic jam or you are experiencing a thunder storm outside. There are many premium features of the MorphVOX Pro such as advanced algorithms for best quality of voice and sound. There is full integration of the program with online games as well as online chat key programs. The MorphVOX Pro consumes very low bandwidth as well as very low CPU resources so that your system is not slow down or stuck while using the software.

There is a large and built in library for the sound effects as well as voice effects. In addition to this MorphVOX Pro can also add your own voices and sound effects in the background. There are advanced vocal traffic tweaking features provided by the software so that you can perform unlimited tweaking with these key filters. These effect and filters in MorphVOX Pro include environmental effects, social effects such as traffic sound, shopping mall sound, party sound, and a number of other effects. You can switch voice with a single key stroke with this MORPHVOX PRO KEY CRACK + SERIAL KEY GENERATOR FREE DOWNLOAD and can also play any voice effect with a single button present in the software. There are additional key features such as Audio Alarms that announce or play a certain clip and a certain audio or voice piece at a certain time. You can also record your morphed voice and morphed audio in an audio file. In a nutshell we can say that MorphVOX Pro Key is professional voice changing software that allows you to disguise your voice in a number of ways.

MorphVox Voice Changer can be used with the both 32 and 64 bit version of Windows and is compatible With Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and key Windows 10 as well. The MorphVOX Pro is also compatible with MAC OSX as well. The minimum requirements of the MorphVOX Pro to run smoothly are Core i5 Processor and 2 GB RAM. The software has a nice graphical user interface that can be operated by using generic Windows controls. There is also a support of plug-ins by the key software so that its support can be extended. You can integrate MorphVox Voice Changer with a number of VOIP key instant messaging software such as Skype, Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Google Talk and many others.

MorphVOX Pro Key


Advantages and Disadvantages of MorphVox Voice Changer


  • MorphVox Voice Changer supports advance voice learning key algorithm for best quality sound
  • The program has an ability to expand the file format by using MP3 reading
  • The MorphVOX Pro can backup and restore all the settings to a single file
  • There is multiple user support offered by the software so it can easily switch between different speakers
  • The MorphVOX Pro can be used with all online gaming consoles as well as online chat applications


  • In certain cases, the MorphVOX Pro provide abysmal recording level of the sound that cannot be improved by tweaking
  • There is background noise in the smaller skins of the key program
  • In certain cases, the MorphVOX Pro crashes and require to restart your computer
  • The price of the software is a bit higher as compared to the other competitors in the market

Bottom Line

MORPHVOX PRO KEY is professional voice changing software that can be integrated with online gaming consoles as well as IM software. However, the price tag of the software is high as compared to competitors in market.


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