Yify Codec Pack v1.1 Free Download Full Version

Yify Codec Pack v1.1 Free Download Full Version

Yify Codec Pack v1.1 for Windows Free Download

Yify Codec Pack v1.1 is the best media player available in the market with its unique characteristics that allow you to play media files directly from the website. The software reduces the pressure that is accumulated on the system while downloading the movie and them watching it. A lot of system resources are wasted while downloading the movie along with the precious time of the user. Yify Codec Pack v1.1 makes you easy with enabling you to watch the movie directly from the source website. The software also solves your problem of matching appropriate video player with the type of media file that you have downloaded from the internet. The software is especially designed for Windows and supports all kinds of media formats to play movies and video clips.

There is a long list of files that is supported by Yify Codec Pack v1.1 such as FLV, M2V, Matroska, HD Rip, DVD Rip, BR Rip, MP3, MP4, MOV and many other latest and unique video formats are also supported by the software as well. The software also supports a number of video formats that are not supported by any other multimedia player. The best thing about Yify Codec Pack v1.1 is that it comes in a highly compressed format and does not consume much place on your hard disk drive and don’t consume your resources. The file of Yify Codec Pack v1.1 is a low memory file and is very easy to install. There is no need to install a separate media player to play files offline as it will take care of both the online as well as offline video content and media files. You can watch the movies as well as download the movies at the same time. The time taken to download and install the software is almost negligible as you can download Yify Codec Pack v1.1 in just a minute. With the help of Yify Codec Pack v1.1 you can watch live songs, videos, cartoons, tutorials and movies with direct online streaming of the content. With the help of this software you don’t need to download movies and videos from torrents and from other web servers. The videos are run smoothly without any buffering and without any breakage from playing the videos. There is no time taken by the software to buffer the videos as the time taken by other online movie and media players to buffer the videos.  The software is very easy to use and anyone can use this software without any technical assistance and without any tutorial and learning.

Yify Codec Pack v1.1 Free Download Full Version

There are number of additional features of Yify Codec Pack v1.1 that including assistance in watching different movies and videos from the internet directly. The latest version of software can run on both the Android as well as on IOS devices as well. The software is compatible with all the versions of Windows and you don’t have to download separately for different versions of Windows. The codec pack for Windows can be easily run on the Windows 10, 8 and 8.1 as well. The software comes with same extensive features on the MAC as well as it comes on the PC. Yify Codec Pack v1.1 is compatible with all kinds of browsers as well such as Chrome, Fire Fox, Safari, Opera and Tech Browser. You just need to download the Mac version of the software and can stream and download all the videos on your MAC OS. Free Download Yify Codec Pack Full Version from wecrack.com

Advantages and Disadvantages of Yify Codec Pack v1.1


  • The principle purpose of the software is to download multimedia and online video streaming over the internet
  • You can play each and every popular format of audio and video with the help of this software
  • You can fine tune your own preferences and also your own customized settings with this software
  • There is also an option of customized installation of the software
  • There is a website of Yify Codec Pack v1.0 that provide you with thousands of dubbed and converted HD movies as well
  • You can watch online movies on your laptop, PC as well as on your IOS and android devices as well.


  • Sometimes the movies downloaded via Yify Codec Pack v1.1 can prove to be a scam as well
  • The legal status of the movies is not cleared as they may be tagged as pirated movies
  • There is also a scam YIFY website so beware of that

If you want to download and or play online multimedia files of universal format then Yify Codec Pack v1.1 is the best choice for sure

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