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CommView For WiFi Crack v7.0.745 Latest Version Full Edition Plus Serial Key

CommView for WiFi Crack: A Network Traffic Monitor with Additional Features for Monitoring Nodes and Packets.

CommView For WiFi Crack is a specialized tool that is designed for the monitoring and analyzing the data that is travelling through the Wireless LAN channels and networks. Network monitoring and analyzing required specialized tools because in a wireless network it is complicated to track and analyze all the activities due to complex hardware and software compatibility and settings, In reality CommView For WiFi 7.1 crack is a new and specially designed version of CommView that is used to capture and analyze the data packets on wireless 802.11 a/b/g networks. With the help of CommView For WiFi Crack you can also check list of available network connections as well IP stats of the connections. CommView for WiFi captures the data from the wireless network adaptor and analyze it via decoding and decrypting. CommView For WiFi full version kickass Data packets can be decoded and decrypted by using user defined WEP Keys and protocols so that all the protocols to the lowest layer can be analyzed for any suspicious activity.

Pros and Cons of CommView for WiFi

Pros Cons
CommView For WiFi Crack is a very powerful network monitor and analyzing tool that provides you with a clear picture of network traffic

With the help of this tool you can easily manage your multiple networks

CommView For WiFi Crack provides you with detailed WEP statistics


CommView for Wifi don’t support all kinds of wireless network cards.

There are many free network monitoring software that provides all the features of CommView absolutely free such as WinAirCrack

Network Interface Hardware Support is also very limited in CommView for Wifi


CommView For WiFi full version crack is powerful and advance software for scrutinizing and examining wireless networks and LANs by web administrators. It is equally beneficial for the new and advance users in pinpointing network errors and problems along with the troubleshooting software and hardware incompatibilities. CommView For WiFi Crack Free Download full version from CommView for WiFi supports about 70 protocols that makes it possible to view the details of each and every packet travelling through the network.

The display of the CommView For WiFi Crack is very easy to use and it provides us with compete information of all the access points and nearest stations of the network including the statistics related to the pre-node and pre-channel of the network. CommView For WiFi full version windows 7 It provides the signal strength details in addition to the list of packets and network connections and protocol distributions charts. With the help of CommView for WiFi you can examine packets, perform site surveys along with decrypting WEP and WPA-PSK keys by sniffing the data packets and cracking them using specialized programs.

CommView for Wifi: Performance Features

The basic performance of CommView for Wifi includes a number of features that starts with scanning the air for WiFi station and access points. In order to perform monitoring and examination it captures 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, and 802.11ac Wireless LAN traffic. CommView For WiFi full version 64 bit In order to decrypt and decode data packets it uses WEP and WPA keys in order to check the detailed IP connections settings and statistics.

Another functionality of CommView for WiFi is the reconstruction of TCP sessions in addition to configuring alarms that can help you trace and remember important events such as arrival of suspicious data packets, high bandwidth utilization by certain data packets, unknown addresses and occurrence of rouge access points. With the help of CommView For WiFi Crack you can also view Protocol Pie Charts as well as monitor the utilization of the bandwidth.

After capturing and decoding the data packets CommView for WiFi search data packets for hex data or strings so that it can create the logs of individual data or the complete files. CommView For WiFi full cracked version 5.2.484 CommView for WiFi also assists in exporting and importing data packets in other tools such as Sniffer, EtherPeek, Observer, NetMon and Wireshark. This software export packets in the form of hex or text format.

CommView also helps you in identifying the IP addresses by exporting any IP address to for a quick and easy look up for the IP Addresses. It can capture data from multiple sources by using different USB adaptors. CommView for WiFi can also capture A-MSDU and A-MPDU packets in addition to stimulating the access points.

System Requirements for CommView for WiFi

” CommView for WiFi” runs smoothly with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012R2. It supports both the 32-Bit and 64-Bit versions of operating system.  You can also enjoy the support of CommView for WiFi at Mac as well. You can view the list of supported adaptors and if your adaptor is not listed in the list you can get a compatible adopter that is completely free of charge. CommView For WiFi evaluation version crack After installing CommView for WiFi you need to replace your network card drive and your computer will work in passive mode during monitoring the network. This program needed to be installed on a dedicated machine or a secondary network card.

Screenshots for CommView For WiFi Crack v7

CommView For WiFi Crack v7.0.745 Free Download [Latest]

CommView For WiFi Crack v7.0.745 Free Download [Latest]

CommView for WiFi Filter Options

CommView for WiFi supports a number of filter options such as dropping the unimportant and unnecessary packets and limit the activities to capturing essential information only.

Potential Users of CommView for Wifi

There is a list potential user of CommView that can get benefits from its superb productive and monitoring features

  • All the administrators of Wireless LANs
  • Security Professionals
  • All the Home Users that to examine WLAN traffic
  • Developers for Wireless LAN Security Software

CommView for WiFi Pricing

The pricing details of CommView for WiFi are listed as under:-

  • CommView for WiFi 1 User License — $499.00
  • CommView for WiFi 1 Year Subscription 1 User License — $199.00
  • CommView for WiFi VoIP 1 User License — $999.00

CommView For WiFi evaluation version free download  is a complete solution for monitoring and keeping an eye on your WLAN network for potential errors, threats and problems. Although there are many free network monitoring tools but CommView is one of the most affordable in terms of paid network monitors. It allows you to interact with its easy and simple interface by displaying all the details of captured packet in a tree like format with displayed protocol layers and packet headers.

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