Windows 10 ISO 32 bit / 64 bit Full Free Setup Latest July 2017

Complete Setup of Windows 10 ISO in 32 and 64 bit perfect download

Windows 10 ISO 32 bit / 64 bit Full Free Setup Latest July 2017


Windows 10 ISO Full Setup Free download and 100% Working link


Microsoft has finally announced the full release of their very latest and most awaited windows 10 for the public worldwide. The full ISO of windows 10 ISO free download 32 bit / 64 bit final is also available here.You can download the latest and complete free version of windows 10 ISO as your new operating system for your laptop or PC or any other device. Windows 10 is now widely being full downloaded and also ISO in more than 180 countries throughout the world for old customer and also for those who are now full purchasing new PC, laptop, tablets or other devices or ISO. Windows 10 has proved itself to be the best operating system and ISO. You can the download iso from the given link.

Windows 10 overview:

Microsoft is a very well-known company and it is always surprising its users by introducing full new and more free advance features in their products and also with the release of windows 10 complete free download ISO setup, and all these features in this ISO has simply enhance and improve the user experience and made the daily tasks even much quicker and simple with a simple download. One of the executives ISO during the technical preview of windows 10 told to the customers ISO that the free new and advance windows 10 has been made with much care and a lot new and full innovative functions, ISO and application has been added to the windows 10. Windows 10 and its ISO have been comprised of the best features of windows 7 and 8 and also include advance and free innovative tools and features.

Windows 10 has received a lot many good compliments in ISO by the experts after its download. Windows 10 also has received countless ISO praises by the users, when it was downloaded. The users who are already using full windows 7, 8 or 8.1 or its ISO can easily full upgrade their operating systems to the windows 10. Download Windows 10 ISO 32 bit / 64 bit full free setup complete download link.

Windows 10 iso file


Microsoft has put full major focus for the improvement of the free user experience in windows 10. The Windows store of the ISO, which is an app ecosystem, has been changed to Windows apps in Windows 10. These are fully supported on all kind of ISO and devices free including any kind of PC, laptop, tablets, smart phones and other devices which are compatible to windows 10.

User Interface and Desktop:

The desktop of the Windows 10 include a full advance start menu which consists of live titles at the right side and a list of applications and some other options on its left side in this ISO. The users can also change the size of the size of the menu bar and can also expand it to have a full screen display in windows 10. There is also another feature in this ISO or you can say a button in windows 10 that is added to the desktop that is Task view button, with the help of this button the users can see all the open windows in the windows 10 and thus they can easily switch among them by using this ISO. Windows 10 has been much appreciated by the users. Windows 10 include many full free innovative characteristics. You can also download new themes for Windows 10.

The Windows 10 system icons have been changed to a new shape and full look in this ISO that is now even more attractive and beautiful. windows 10 iso download 64 bit with crack. The users of windows 10 can now also free synchronize the notifications among multiple download devices. The name of the PC Settings in windows 10 has been changed to the Settings app and now includes new and fuller options that were not present to the desktop control panel in the previous versions of ISO.

Windows 10 iso file free download

The Windows 10 has been added with a new free feature that it will adapt itself according to the type of device which the user is using and on the basis of the available input methods for ISO. There are mainly two types of ISO user interface modes that have been included in the Windows 10 by Microsoft. The first one is the user interface that has been full optimized to use with the devices which uses mouse and keyboard and the second mode is the “tablet mode” that has been designed of touch screen devices. I recommend you to use full Windows 10 with the help of the download of free ISO as your new full operating system because the features include in Windows 10 are very useful for all kind of users. Click the given link to get your download.

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In the tablet mode the full screen mode has been made as default for the full free universal apps and the taskbar remains visible but the users can also make it as hide. The full screen Start menu which scrolls horizontal in windows 8 has now been made to scroll in vertical direction, and these features has specially been added in this ISO.

System and Security:

Windows 10 provides you the most advance and new features for the protection of your devices and ISO. Windows 10 has been incorporated with multi-factor authentication technology to download by using modern ISO. Windows 10 provides a full improved and enhanced biometric authentication system for those devices having this ISO and has touch capabilities. Windows 10 also allows the users to login to their devices with the face or iris recognition if their devices have the camera and proposed ISO. Another feature is that the Passport platform allows the websites, software and other networks to have the full authentication of the users with the help of either biometric or PIN login technique to prove the identity of the users.

The users of Windows 10 will also experience another additional security feature that is the administrators can set new procedures and policies for the free automatic encryption of their data. There is also an addition of a new security system in windows 10 that has been named as “Device Guard” which will allow the users to have a high security environment in their system and these ISO by preventing and blocking performance and download of software that has not been digitally passed and approved by the Microsoft or any other trusted vendor.

Windows 10 iso file

Online services and functionality:

Another fantastic free feature in Windows 10 is that it includes a new web browser which is “Microsoft Edge” and is also set as the default web browser. This download web browser in windows 10 includes a specially designed ISO and free engine forked from the Trident which is up to the standard and also comprised of free annotation tools and also propose integration with the other products of Microsoft that has been present in the Windows 10.

The newly released Windows 10 from the Microsoft also includes Microsoft’s intelligent personal free assistance Cortana. The basic function of this Cortana of the ISO is to manage daily routine tasks of the users; this feature was first introduced in 2014 in Windows phone 8.1. Windows 10 also includes the download and integration with Bing and also comprised of setting reminders, Notebook for storing free personal information and also the feature of searching files and playing music. Windows 10 is a very amazing operating system.

Multimedia and Gaming:

Windows 10 has been added with special tools for gaming in order to enhance and improve the gaming experience of users. Windows 10 gives a more strong integration with the Xbox ecosystem. An updated app for free Xbox ISO has also been added which gives the users as opportunity to browse their Game DVR and Game library easily. Windows 10 also allows the users to have a control on games and to play them from an ISO Xbox one console with the help of a local network.

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