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Smart Defrag pro license code

IOBit Smart Defrag is a smart application that provides you with the best time and circumstances for defragmenting your PC. This IObit Smart Defrag can be installed on your computer to continuously defragment your disk drive all day long or you can also fix a specific time to defragment your crack hard disk for example while rebooting your PC. This way IOBIT SMART DEFRAG PRO + SERIAL KEYS! [LATEST] helps you in running and scheduling a defragmentation on your hard drive when required. Most commonly uses files are moved to faster crack parts of the disk drive so that they can be accessed very easily. IObit Smart Defrag provides you with options to replace your default disk defragmentation program with IOBit Smart Defrag.

Pros and Cons of IOBit Smart Defrag

Pros Cons
·         IOBit Smart Defrag provides you with option of scheduled and boot time defragmentation option

·        IObit Smart Defrag will shut down your crack PC after completing disk defragmentation

·         There are options for analyzing and running auto defrag alerts

·         Optimization and the priority of the disk fragmentation that can be scheduled

·         You can also exclude a file or folder from defragmentation

·         You can integrates this IObit Smart Defrag Crack with Windows Right Click Menu as well

·         It can also defragment only the free disk space as well

·         IOBit Smart Defrag don’t allow you to check the drive for errors

·         IOBIT SMART DEFRAG CRACK does not support idle defragmentation

·         Sometimes IObit Smart Defrag may try to install a toolbar or another executable file during or after the crack setup of the program

·         There are a few options that are missing in the free versions and are only available in the paid crack version of the program



IOBit Smart Defrag is one of the best free defragmentation utility available over the internet. IObit Smart Defrag runs silently in the crack background and adjust its all the actions according to the functions that you are performing on your hard disk drive.

IOBit Smart Defrag: Defrag Options

There are a number of advanced defrag crack features offered by the IObit Smart Defrag Crack that can be listed as under: –

Smart Defrag 5 pro serial key

Boot De-Fragmentation

There are a number of Windows files that are locked and are not allowed to be accessed or defrag, however IOBit Smart Defrag can access these crack files to defragment them. The IObit Smart Defrag can defrag these files when they are not in use by the Windows and it is only the booting time of your computer when Windows is not using the locked file that is why IObit Smart Defrag Crack performs defragmentation when your system is rebooting. This is called as Boot Time Defrag that can be enabled when the crack program is installed.

Boot Time Scan can be configured to be run at the next start up for example the first boot of the everyday, on every reboot or the first reboot on some specific day or date. In the next step just add the file you want to defrag the file during crack reboot.


As the name indicates that disk cleanup is that feature of the IObit Smart Defrag that removes and cleans junk files from the specific part of your crack hard drive. You can clear these junk files with the IObit Smart Defrag so that your disk defragmentation lasts longer than in normal cases. There are a number of items that can be cleared and cleaned such as Recycle Bin, Temporary crack Files of Internet Explorer, memory dumps, old pre fetch data and fragments of chdsk files. IObit Smart Defrag Crack offers secure file cleaning with one of the most popular data sanitization methods.

IOBit Smart Defrag: New Features

  • The new version of IOBit Smart Defrag is fully compatible with Windows 10 Redstone
  • The defrag engine is improved and enhanced to offer more efficient crack defragments
  • Notification process is also improved and efficient for enhanced user experience
  • Auto analyze is more intelligent to give you more accurate defragments
  • All the known bugs of the IObit Smart Defrag are fixed in this new version
  • The feedback process is also optimized so that success rate of crack feedback is also increased

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IOBit Smart Defrag is one of the most powerful defrag crack software for Windows that has an ability to detect solid State Drives and prevents defragmentation process on SSDs that is a very good thing for a defragmentation software.

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